Today me and my wife had the task of flying to cebu in Philippines to meet the wives and families of the Philippine workers that tragically died when there car was hit my a train. After landing in cebu we drive nearly one hr to fine the small little house and no words can describe how we felt when we found out the wife was 8 months pregnant. 

All we could do is to hug them and provide some comforting words but I just can imagine the feeling they must be going though. The wife showed me a copy of the last message her husband sent a few hrs before attached was a photo of himself in his work uniform as it was his first day at work and was so excited he was up getting ready at 3am and sending the photo and messaging his wife with the last words “I love you” It made me and my wife fly back home realize that life can be short and we never know when God will call you home so love more and forgive quicker.

Hold your love ones close each day as God can call them home as God has only lent them to us so remember to make the time count

As mother Teresa said if we want to bring change to the world just go home and love your family xxx phil

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